customer review...   Jim is hands down the best massage therapist around.  Not only does Jim provide an amazing massage experience but allows his clients to feel comfortable and secure in a very nurturing environment.  I started as a one time client but now I'm a regular.  There is no one better in my opinion.       Michael


My massage table is available to individuals from all “walks” of life... gay, straight, bi, male, female or any ethic race.  All are welcome.  Diversity enriches my life and expands my understanding of the greater universe.

My massage studio is very Zen… minimalistic, clean lines, elements from mother earth and colored with earth tones.  I believe creating a place of sanctuary is just as important as amazing massage techniques.  I frequently cleanse the energy in the room with sage and the smell of lavender and sometimes frankincense.   One of my favorite compliments from clients as they walk into my massage space is “awww I feel better already.”   Creating the illusion of the body work experience begins journey toward wellness, much like a good overture to a musical followed by the curtain drop and the reveal of the set design.  

After the atmospher is created I start the massage session by inviting the body and mind to be open to the body work experience.   I introduce my touch with a series of long flowing strokes from head to toe with the client face down on the massage table.   Then I go right for the problematic area and work it for a while… give it a rest then work it again.  I believe the psychology of the massage experience is just as importance as the actual physical technique.  One's body has a natural tendancy to be whole and well.  Good body work opens the client to the body's natural desire to be whole. 

I beleive deep pressure can be applied in a deep yet gentle style which will harmonize the body and mind with  body's natural desire to release tension.  My typical approach toward deep work is to isolate the tense muscle(s), apply deep and sustained pressure first with my thumb, then with my forearm and if needed my elbow for deeper work.  Gradually applying sustained pressure creates more stress on the muscle gently convincing the muscle to release the tension. 

Once the deeper work is done my touch gradually lightens up, slows down and becomes more relaxing. While attending a Body Electric massage workshop in Oakland CA I was taught that the secret to creating more relaxing touch sensation is to flatten out the entire palm of the hand and slow down the touch.  I can still hear Chester (my massage mentor)  whispering in my ear…..  S…L…O…W  down.  A very simple technique yet profound technique that makes a big difference.  

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The final moments of the session is done with the client face up.  I begin by gently working the neck, scalp, and face. The neck can hold a lot of tension and stress which is often responsible for headaches.  I like working the neck with the client face up because I can use the natural weight of the head to create pressure on the tense muscles.  I love a good sustained neck stretch.  A scalp/face massage is a great relief for sinus issues. Once the head is done I gradually progress down to the feet working the chest, abs and legs including lots of leg stretches slowly return to the head where I finish the session.

I frequently include energy work in my sessions.  It's common for me to pause and hold a constant posture on a specific area of the body for a few moments taking the energetic flow to a deeper and more trance like level.  This process is very intuitive to me.  I don't really think about it… or conciously try to make it happen.  My spiritual energy simply goes to a very neutral place and then yields... and the universal dance begins.  It creates a  moment when all is perfectly whole, well and complete.  

I continually evaluate the elements that create an amazing massage experience.  The techniques needed for today's session may not be what's needed for tomorrow's session.  Or what works for one client my not work for another.  Adapting my technique is the element I enjoy most about doing my work.  It challenges me and creates a higher sense of awareness and purpose and my work becomes more fun... more creative.  It's in this moment that words and technique effortlessly come to me and I say or do something that is quite magical.  Or the impact of my work goes far beyond the face value of the experience.   In these moments I am in perfect vibration with the greater energy source, or God.  And nothing else really matters.  Nothing is needed.  Life is perfect whole and complete…. as is.  I aspire it to evolve spiritually to a place which allows this perfect vibration or harmony with the universe to be a constant reality, Heaven. 


Body Treatments...

Body treatments can be done solo or added before to your massage.   Each body treatment takes approximately an additional 15 to 30 minutes depending on the treatment.  The body muds and body scrub require a shower after the treatment.  Hot stones require advance scheduling due to the time it takes to heat the stones.  The most popular treatment is the body scrub.  Body treatments are a great way to take care of you.

Black Baltic Body Mud

Baltic mud assists in attracting & absorbing impurities in the body, enhances cell renewal and helps improve skin tone.  The key ingredient is organic silts harvested deep underneath 30,000 year old fresh water lakes in Eastern Europe.  The mud is applied directly to the skin and allowed to “bake” on the skin while wrapped in a thermal spa blanket for approximately 20 minutes.  Gentle massage is provided to the feet and neck/scalp while wrapped in the blanket.  The mud is then showered off.

European Rose Body MudRose mud is a deeply hydrating creme-based mud that refines and softens skin, enhances cell renewal and provides extreme hydration.  Rose mud contains natural sun-dried rose clay extracted from the Provence region of France. The key ingredients are Alpha-Hydroxy Lactic Acid, Wheat Amino Acids, Beta Glucan and Rose Centofolia are infused into the mud to accelerate cell renewal and moisturization.  The mud is applied directly to the skin and allowed to “bake” on the skin while wrapped in a thermal spa blanket for approximately 20 minutes.  Gentle massage is provided to the feet and neck/scalp while wrapped in the blanket.  The mud is then showered off.

Micro-Buff Body Polish

The body polish is a gentle body scrub which gently lifts away dead skin cells while unveiling, refining, and softening new skin.  Body polish is a creme-based exfoliation treatment that contains spherical Micronized Buffing Beads (a natural Luffa), Apricot Powder, Wheat, and Alpha-Hydroxy Lactic Acids and is ideal for sensitive skin.  The body scrub is gently massaged onto the body for approximately 15 minutes then showered off.

Hot and Cold Stones

Hot and cold stones are applied to create a deep hot /cold sensation to relief muscle stress and strain. The heat/ cold from the stones penetrates deep heat/cold  and relax the muscles.  Stones can be applied to the skin or through a sheet or towel.  The stones can also be used during the massage for deeper pressure.   The heat of the stone can be adjust to you preferece for body temperture.

Lavender Mineral Bath

The lavender bath  is a 20 minutes soak in mineral-rich ocean and desert salts with 100% pure essential oils. The minerals lifts away old, dead cells, and softens and soothes while filling your senses with the smell of lavender and glowing candles.  The scent of lavender has a calming effect which assists in relaxation and the reduction of anxiety.

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