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customer review...   As a former professional dancer, I have visited a number of therapists. Quite simply, Jim Robert is the best. Not just a superior technician, Jim brings a personal sense of peace to his massage that I feel the moment I walk in the door.  He cares about the spirit, as well as the body.       David

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I received my  license to practice massage therapy (LMT)  in the fall of 2000 from the Texas Department of Health.   I was required to complete 300 clock hours of supervised training followed by a written and practical exam in Austin. 

In Texas the training required to become a licensed massage therapist (LMT) is divided between classes in A&P (anatomy and physiology) and Swedish massage.  A&P is all about the basic systems of the body and the benefits of good body work on the body.   

Swedish massage (massage for relaxation)  is the baseline of most massage therapy and consists of five basic strokes.  The five basic strokes are effleurage (sliding or gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), friction and vibration.  In addition to Swedish massage I have completed advanced training in deep tissue massage, sports massage, trigger point technique,  energy work and Reiki. 

Prior to working as a massage therapist I working as a mental health counselor primarily in the area of vocational rehabilitation and case managment. I have also worked as a counselor at an agency providing services for individual's with HIV and in hospice care.  I have a undergraduate degree in Psychology and a graduate degree in Counseling.  So with all of those degrees and experience... why massage and bodywork?  I get that question a lot. 

So here's the honest story… While working a stressful corporate job I became intrigued by the ablity of massage and bodywork to provide balance and a deep since of profound serenity in my chaotic world of work.  In my corporate job I often found myself totally consumed and spiritually depleted at then of my work day.  Althought it was finacially profitable and a somewhat prestigious occupation…   I often found myself stuggling with the question of wether or not my contibutions to the "greater universe" were of positive consequent.   Subsequently, I soon found myself searching for a pathway that felt more congruent with my natural gifts and talents and my awareness of who I am and how I fit in with the greater universe.  

Sound a little way out?  I believe we all have a natural rhythm with life (God or whatever term that works for you)  When one is in alignment with thier natural rhythm... life just works and one's pathway is constantly illuminated.  It's the journey of least resistance.  I continually receive as I give of my time an talents.  It's like a dance with the universe.    

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